Tired of wondering how everyone is creating amazing digital art?

Whether you're just beginning or ready do dive further this will show you the tips & tricks to get you started!

  • Learn how to create set up your canvas so it's high resolution (which means it can be printed any size and not look pixelated!)

  • How to create TWO different kinds of trending artwork with EASE

  • How to combine multiple reference photos for one beautiful masterpiece!

  • Bonus: Download our FREE procreate brushes that I use in ALL of my artwork!

Meet your Instructor

I'm glad you're here!

Hi I'm Kierra! I'm a digital artist specializing in procreate and I'm excited to show you the ins & outs of procreate so you don't have to guess anymore!
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To Creating Digital Portraits!

  • 2

    Setting Up Your Canvas

    • Download Our Kierra B Art Brushes

    • Making Your Canvas High Resolution

  • 3

    Creating Your Line Style Illustration

    • Inserting Your Photo

    • Creating Your Outline

    • Illustrating Your Photo

    • Adding Texture

    • Exporting Your Illustration

    • Exporting Your Illustration

  • 4

    Creating A Simple Style Illustration

    • Creating A Minimalist Illustration

  • 5

    Combining Photos

    • Combining Multiple Photos For One Illustration

  • 6

    Creating A Texture Background

    • Adding A Textured Background

  • 7

    What's Next?

    • Fly little birdy, Fly!

Social proof: testimonials

10000% recommend!

Jessica T.

I couldn't have asked for a better course! This was so easy to follow and I was able to start using what I learned right away! I've since been able to start my own digital art business, If you're on the fence about it...do it!

Very Happy!

Kandyce J.I

This was very simple to understand but the lessons profoundly helped me understand how to create digital art with procreate, very happy with my purchase.


Lanelle W.

I've been really wantin to get into digital art and so when I saw this I decided to check it out and it was just waht I needed. Kierra is great, love her work too

Yes I'm Ready To Be A Digital Art Superstar!

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